Sunday, June 13, 2004


Marion Barry: The Sequel

The Washington Post reports today that Marion Barry will be running for a district council post in DC. Obviously, Barry is a sleaze, and his popularity is a sign of the corruption and cynicism of a large component of the DC electorate. On the other hand, Barry does deserve credit for one acute insight. Around 1990, when Barry was being unseated as DC mayor due to his drug conviction, there was talk of Jesse Jackson running for mayor. Barry put it perfectly, when he observed, "Jesse don't want to run nothin' but his mouth."

Saturday, June 12, 2004


Test Posting

I started out just wanting to post a comment on a guy's blog, and I ended up getting my own blog. Reminds me of how I got to Alaska. I was working in Detroit, then I headed to Key West for a transfer. Due to a huge navigational error, I ended up in Alaska in 1978 for a two or three year stint. Then it turned into 25 years.

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